Easy Auto Layout constraint groups

If you’ve been making apps for a little while, there’s a good chance you’ve had to design a view with two different states. Say, an “expanded” state and a “compact” state. Here’s a simple example: Doing this with Auto Layout (we all use Auto Layout now right?) can mean setting up a bunch of constraints […]

Xcode and Regex

The Problem Have you ever wanted to do a find-and-replace in Xcode like this? FIND: Created by Alpha on 150301. REPLACE: Created by Alpha on 150301. Updated by Beta (2017). The tricky thing here is that the date (150301) probably isn’t going to be consistent throughout your Xcode project, which makes a straightforward find-and-replace impossible. […]

Basic array calculations in Excel

Array calculations are a great way to clean up your Excel worksheets, replacing columns and columns of “calculation” data with the same logic encased in one tidy little cell. This quick tutorial takes you through a basic example to show you how array calculations are done! The problem In the app I’m currently working on […]