The many colours of “no tax”

After a great question from @gregheo and another call to the CRA, I’ve made a change to the “Filing HST for an App Company in Canada” article from a few months ago. The confusion came from the fact that there are two distinct ways to sell something with no tax: zero-rated sales (i.e., “taxable at […]

Five Types of App Features

Yesterday, I came across this article by Henrik Kniberg that does a fantastic job of summarizing and refreshing the now-famous “MVP” approach, made popular in Lean Startup. The article tells some great stories from places like Lego and the Swedish Police force showing how user-focussed design works in practice. It’s a great read, and a great […]

Filing HST for an App Company in Canada

Filing HST/GST is something that many small companies in Canada have to do every few months. It’s not particularly hard for an app company, at least in my experience, but like many tax processes in Canada it’s not that intuitive or clear either. 🙄 So, I put together a basic workflow that I use (and regularly revise), and […]