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After reading Thomas Hanning’s article, “10 Reasons You Should Blog As A Developer,” I finally got the motivational push I needed to start my blog as a developer… with life, reflections, and my stumbling attempts to get my head around politics and policy thrown in too. (And probably the occasional dog 🐕.)

One of the many things that making products has taught me is this: a product geared towards everyone is a product geared towards no-one. The same holds true for a blog, I think. I’ve got another blog for my company (more below) but it’s about something totally different: sound, applied music theory, and small business. Two separate blogs means that the two pretty unique topic groups get their own space. And I think that’s a good thing.

So, who am I anyways? By day (and the occasional night), I run a little company that makes apps for music and education. I love it. Coming from a background as a research engineer1 and active musician, the past couple years have since transformed into a crazy mix of development, design, marketing, and ideas. Each day brings another interesting problem to wrestle with. I think there’ll be a lot to write about.

1A mix of development, signal processing, data analysis, direct user engagement, and writing.

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